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Notnormal Fitness

Mind, body & spiritual wellness

I take a creative and anatomically conscious approach to fitness. Whether it's live streamed classes, on- demand videos or private training my goal is for you to breathe more, to be stronger and to feel more balanced. Most importantly you are going to feel good and move in your best body today!

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As a classically trained professional dancer, fitness has always been a part of my life. However I never expected how much joy I would feel when helping others institute fitness into their lives. I  received my first certifications from Gramercy Pilates NYC for pilates mat and full apparatus pilates under the instruction of Kim Fielding in 2017. Since then I have assembled an eclectic fitness repertoire. I have taught everything from Zumba, to hot hiit pilates and at facilities varying from corporate offices, to outdoor locations. Furthermore my strong dance background gives me the versatility to pull training tools and exercises from various techniques to create unique yet fundamentally based  group and private Pilates instruction.

Fitness is physical, mental and spiritual wellness, it is a lifestyle! I love working with clients consistently to help them achieve their personal goals. Whether that be weight loss, toning & sculpting, injury recovery & prevention, becoming more flexible or even just working on mind body connection.  My classes and private sessions focus on anatomical alignment and strengthening the core supporting muscles while providing a fulfilling workout.  You will feel physically refreshed yet as if you have accomplished a fitness goal. My workouts are for anyone no matter skill level, experience and physical facility. I am  passionate about helping you discover your best self.

National Certified Pilates Teacher
Zumba Basic 1

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love from the community...

I absolutely love the energy in this class. You’re working out but actually just feel like you're hanging with wonderful people, listening to music and having a blast (the workout is the bonus)!


Definitely going to be coming back consistently now. Ro is wonderful, super informative and easily accessible. She was available quite quickly to answer questions or help with poses. It's a must try for sure!!


Ro has the best energy!!! Her flow class is challenging but so much fun! I can’t wait to take another class with her :)


Ro will make you laugh, make you sweat, make you hate your weak ass knees.... but most importantly, she will make you feel better physically and mentally by incorporating movement and flow into all of her classes! Highly recommend.


I like the accountability and also I like how challenging they keep getting

Yomaira R.

I love class, it’s intelligent, it’s professional, it’s progressive and I can definitely feel and see the difference in my body and the mental awareness of my body.

Dr. A. McNeil

Yasmin’s online fitness program is superb! Her workout programs bring the energy. Her knowledge shines thru as she makes the classes interesting, challenging, and motivating.

Dr. P. Richardson

Yasmin is an excellent and creative Pilates instructor. She has a charming personality that she combines with her expertise. Her classes have improved my flexibility, core strength, breathing techniques, and posture.

Dr. A. Lindsay
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